The Alchemy programme is an eclectic mix using the best therapeutic interventions available.

If we use the acronym KAB it best describes what Alchemy is about.
Knowledge: Attitudes and Behaviours.

  • Alchemy will enhance and challenge.
  • Academic education is maintained whilst an extensive amount of psycho-education is provided.
  • Group Therapy is an important component of the Alchemy programme. Group is a wonderful way to have our attitudes and behaviours challenged. Being able to deal with feedback (not criticism) is a core tool to function well in society. The group becomes a microcosm of the real world. Someone in the group will represent different relationships. Father, mother, brother, sister, teacher. Those relationships can be confronting and learning how to cope with them without resorting to a drug, alcohol, gaming, not eating, promiscuity is key to making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • We acknowledge our gratitude to The 12 Step Fellowships by asking our clients to present a Step 1.

“We admit we were powerless over our self-destructive behaviour and that our lives had become unmanageable”

The clients will then explore the impact their behaviour has had on their families, education and how incredibly dangerous living this way has become. Those who wish to join any of the self-help fellowships whilst they are at Alchemy are welcome to do so.
Workshops and lectures are also important and Alchemy has access to some of the most dynamic and inspirational people in the field.

Be it Drama, Yoga, Tai Chi, Motivational, Alchemy strives to find an activity that the teenagers find healthy and inspirational.
Another important component of the Alchemy programme is that half a day a week is spent volunteering. This can serve as a great reality check.

So far we have connections with Kids Company and the Royal Marsden and will be developing more.
Exercise is provided and use of Chelsea Sports Centre is available. All clients are members during their stay at the Alchemy Clinic providing them with access to a swimming pool, gym, basketball/5 a side etc.

There is always a “sober fun” activity on the weekends. That can be as diverse as bowling, climbing or a visit to the National Gallery. Alchemy believes it is important our clients experience fun without having to resort to a chemical.

Thursday is family day for those clients staying at The Alchemy Clinic. (This is a mandatory component)
Our aftercare is a crucial component in the success of our programme. Happy in our caring environment it is not difficult for clients to begin to function healthily.

The key to long term success is how well they cope and adapt to the reality of family relationships, school life and friends.