Alchemy believes that they are a resource which until now has not been available to the independent sector.
We understand the reasons why many schools have to have a “zero tolerance” towards drugs and other self destructive behaviours.
However, if the problems of the students are not properly addressed then the buck just gets passed on to the next institution.
It is our belief that there is so much shame involved in expulsion that the student’s behaviour deteriorates rather than improves.

Alchemy will offer all parties involved to draw breathe and see what is really going on.

We understand that getting back to the original school maybe untenable but it should be a resource offered to both students and parents before education at another institution is undertaken.
For that reason Alchemy maintains an educational programme during 4 weeks stay.
There are either individual or group tuition for 2 hours a day.
This is provided by M.P.W Tutors of London and caters for GCSE, A level and Baccalaureate levels.
There is also an hour and a half of self study in the evenings.
This may not seem a lot but it is probably more than they were achieving whilst they were in full-time education and they were going off the rails!


Alchemy also understands that the success of their program and of the students will be measured by how well they cope with life once they are back in their reality.
To that end our alumni will be expected to follow an appropriate after-care plan. We will be happy to liaise with schools to provide whatever help necessary.