Alchemy understands that feeling of hopelessness and failure as a parent when it starts to go disastrously wrong for our young.
We tend to be hardest on ourselves and looking for the mistakes we made along the way. Not enough love, too much love. Not enough boundaries, too many boundaries. Our self flagellation knows no ends.
From the shame we start to blame. It is the schools fault, It is those unsuitable friends, it is my husbands fault, it is my wife’s fault etc etc. The anger does not let us make good and healthy choices for our loved one. We will choose respectability rather than sanity. Desperate to find a new school we forget to look at the presenting problem. Our loved one could not cope and would prefer to sabotage everything.
Alchemy offers a family the opportunity to start to heal.
It may seem counter intuitive but sometimes when things go wrong it can become the biggest blessing for a family.
The family patterns start to be questioned; communication starts to open up, secrets that maybe toxic get dealt with.

Change is hard but not impossible.
Fold your arms in front of you, as you would normally.
That should feel comfortable and safe.
Now reverse the way you normally fold your arms.
That should feel really strange and uncomfortable.
That is what change feels like.
Different, but not impossible.

Without patronising, it is important to remember, when faced with this crisis, that whatever we were doing beforehand didn’t work.
Time as a family to start doing things differently.

Most parents who have gone through the independent school sector have been driven to provide the best education they could. As parents we all sign up to the idea that the school we choose has a “Zero Tolerance” policy. It is beyond our imagination that it could possibly be our loved facing expulsion!
Alchemy is the best resource for when things start to go wrong.