Everyone who deals with adolescents ask the question:

“why is there such a lack of specialist appropriate care for self destructive teenagers?”

Alchemy based in Chelsea, the heart of London, is the place that understands adolescents and their families.
It is a 10 bed facility, providing the very best staff and program to see why adolescents cannot cope with the rigours of modern day living.

The traditional treatment model for adolescents has been either boot-camp or pure addiction.
Alchemy is an early intervention unit. Our treatment model is designed to intervene before behaviours and consequences get out of hand.
Not every kid that gets kicked out of school for smoking weed is an addict. However, something pretty major is going on if the adolescent knows the consequences of his behaviour but keeps acting in a self destructive way.
This is the start of the behaviour that has an inevitability about it. These are the youngsters who end up in Rehabs in their mid 20’s having lost education, jobs, friends and most importantly families. This realisation for an addict is very painful and is one of the main reasons they stay in their addiction. They are busy using an anaesthetic ( drugs or alcohol) to deal with the sense of a lost life.

We at Alchemy do not believe this life pattern is inevitable, We believe if you intervene early enough and use our methodology then young lives can be transformed.


Being expelled or facing expulsion from school can potentially have such a damaging effect on a young life. There is a feeling that the stigma of “loser” will follow the teenager throughout his life. They have to change schools and lose friends.

Most importantly the family dynamic changes dramatically. Arguments, blaming, embarrassment and more lying.
All of this then compounds the youngsters’ anger and his behaviour and the chemical use probably becomes worse.
This is when you need the professional skills available at Alchemy.

All the stakeholders benefit from their involvement with Alchemy.

The school has the prospect of keeping and completing the education of a promising young person.

If this is untenable then a new school has someone who has revaluated his or her life and can start making healthy choices.

Parents have their fears and concerns addressed. It maybe they will have to put in some changes to have the family functioning as a healthy unit.

Most importantly the client can start to make healthy choices with a new maturity and start to fulfil their potential both educationally and personally.